God Is

What Leaders Are Saying About God Is

“This study may be the most important 50 days of your life! Whether you are new in Christ or a veteran Christ-Follower, seeing God with 20/20 vision will re-energize your faith, recalibrate your perspective, and transform your relationships. I highly recommend it.”

Chip Ingram, Teaching Pastor, Living on the Edge; author of Holy Ambition, God as He Longs for You to See Him, and more

“With winsome and engaging writing, René Schlaepfer paints an extraordinary depiction of our God. And along the way he quietly reminds us that this is the God in whose image we are made. So this devotional sneaks up on you — it doesn’t just reintroduce you to God, but also to yourself.”

M. Craig Barnes, senior pastor, Shadyside Presbyterian Church, author of Sacred Thirst, Hustling God, and more

“Ever feel like, when it comes to your faith, you’ve heard it all before? I come from a lifetime of ministry, yet I found sparkling, fresh new stories and insights in René Schlaepfer’s newest book, God Is. It inspired and motivated me. And I know this book will refresh and enrich your spiritual life too. You’ll laugh, you’ll learn, you’ll be glad you read it!”

Bill Butterworth, speaker and author, On The Fly Guide to Balancing Work, Life; When Life Doesn’t Turn Out Like You Planned, and more

“The heartbeat of this book is a genuine passion for God! As René suggests, read God Is in tandem with the Bible and watch your heart expand as you gaze on the beauty of the Maker of all things… I am confident you will meet God in fresh and powerful new ways.

Have fun!”

Rev. Dr. Kevin G. Harney, Lead Pastor of Shoreline Community Church and author of Seismic Shifts, The U-Turn Church, and Organic Outreach for Churches